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'A' & Wildcat Chocolate Square

Min 'A' or Wildcat milk chocolate square.

Price: $0.30

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‘A’ Circus Candy Sticks
Kencraft Merchandise
Officially Licensed Collegiate Products

Enjoy these fun circus candies at any game or UA event. You will not be displeased when one of these sweet delights reaches your tongue! Please be safe and no running around while these candies are being consumed. Take care, and always remember to Bear Down!

- 4 Pack
- Red, White & Blue Swirled Candies
- Net Wt 3 oz. (84g)


Price: $2.99

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‘A’ Jelly Beans
The Fanatic Group Merchandise
Officially Licensed Collegiate Products

Net wt. 10.5 oz
Not for children under 4 years of age.


Price: $9.99

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Arizona BBQ Pack: Steak & BBQ Sauce

This Arizona steak and barbecue duo is perfect for adding extra flavor to your tailgating parties. A wonderful steak sauce that is second to none. Full flavor from ingredients like the smoky flavor of the dried and smoked Jalapeno pepper (chipotle pepper) along with a mildly sweet barbecue sauce with a great hickory smoke flavor. Molasses, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce and a touch of hot sauce completes this southern style bbq sauce.

Price: $17.99

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Arizona Wildcats Bear Down Dark Chocolate Bar

  • 1.75 oz of dark chocolate

  • 61864538074
    Price: $2.75

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Arizona Wildcats Bear Down Dark Chocolate Bars 3 Pack

  • 3 pack of dark chocolate bars
  • 1.75 oz of dark chocolate in each bar

Price: $11.99

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Arizona Wildcats Bear Down Milk Chocolate Bar

  • 1.75 oz of milk chocolate

Price: $2.75

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Arizona Wildcats Bear Down Milk Chocolate Bars 3 Pack

  • 3 pack of milk chocolate bars
  • 1.75 oz of milk chocolate in each bar

Price: $11.99

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Gourmet Salted Nut
The University of Arizona gourmet salted peanuts. Surely, a delightful treat for any occasion!


Price: $6.50

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Th Crispery: Arizona Marshmallow Rice Treats

The Crispery Crispycakes have a guaranteed shelf life of 6 months. Though keep in mind that our Crispycakes can last for several months if simply kept in a stable room temperature environment and must kept and their original package or another seal bag to ensure freshness, not too hot and not too cold is the best way to keep them soft and gooey.

The Crispery Crispycakes are all handmade in small batches as well as hand cut. Therefore each and every bar depending on batch and flavor will vary greatly. The approximate average size on each individual bar is 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 2" and weigh approximately 6 oz. each.

All of our cakes are produced in a 100% nut free facility.

During the summer months, approx. May - September, The Crispery cuts down about 90% on the production of the chocolate Crispycakes. All other flavors are in full production. Please be advised that if the customer chooses to order any of our Chocolate Crispycakes during this time we will not take responsibility for the product coming in melted. Therefore, we recommend to take caution when ordering any chocolate products if you reside in a hot zone or during the summer months.


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The University of Arizona Red & Blue Popcorn

Get poppin with the official U of A Popcorn! The are blueberry and cherry flavored.
Does contain soy, milk, tree nuts

Price: $5.25

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U of A Red Hot Chocolate
Real Wildcats Drink Red! Just add hot water and it magically turns red!


Price: $6.99

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